What is the InTeliCare Palliative Homecare Program?
Our program is designed to improve patient comfort, functionality and quality of life while remaining in a home environment and reducing or avoiding hospital and skilled facility admissions with chronic pain, chronic disease, advanced stage of disease of terminal illness.

The patient receives care by a comprehensive clinical team specializing in pain management and comfort care in their own home and have access to nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, MSW, spiritual care and the physician, patient and family/caregivers utilizing an integrative and holistic approach to care which includes use of complementary therapies in conjunction with medication and other ordered treatments.

How is it different than other Palliative Care Programs?
-The patient retains their own primary and specialist physicians/team members.
-The patient has full access to RN, PT, OT, SLP, MSW and additional services.
-We utilize a Holistic Approach including physical, mental, emotional & spiritual needs met.
-Physicians can bill as appropriate for Medicare homecare certification, recertification and care plan oversigh activities including care coordination time with our clinicians.
-We follow the patient in the home for 2 month intervals and can recertify for additional care episodes if patient continues to meet criteria.
-We teach the patient/caregiver safe and effective complementary therapies (non-pharmacological) to reduce pain, anxiety, depression and improve comfort and quality of life.
-Electronic physician order and Face to Face signing available with unique Care Plan Oversight tracking features.

What kinds of patients are appropriate/covered?
-Patients with chronic, severe or unmanaged pain.
-Patients with chronic or advanced stages disease such as CHF, COPD, Cancer (all types), Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, MS, Parkinson's, Stroke, Sickle Cell Anemia, Huntington's Disease, HIV/AIDS, ALS.
-Patients not medically eligible for Hospice care or have a prognosis of greater than 6 months.
-Patients eligible for Hospice but the patient or family is not ready or accepting of Hospice services.
-Patients that have improved and are being discharged from Hospice services.
-Patients for which it takes a taxing effort to leave the home.

What types of insurance cover qualify patients?
Medicare homecare (Part A) - Medicare Plus Blue - Additional insurances pending.

What staff will I receive?
-Physical Therapy
-Medical Social Work
-Occupational Therapy
-Speech Language Pathology