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If you answer yes to any of the questions below or have any other health issues please contact our office about how we may be able to help.

-Do you have difficulty walking, getting in and out of your chair, bed, or automobile?
-Do you have difficulty with showering or bathing, meal preparation, toileting, cleaning, or doing laundry?
-Have you recently received a doctor's order for a walker, cane, wheelchair, or other safety equipment?
-Do you have difficulty keeping your balance or standing for long periods of time?
-Have you fallen recently or repeatedly?
-Do you feel weak and uninterested in doing things that you used to enjoy?
-Have you recently been prescribed oxygen therapy?
-Have you recently been hospitalized or experienced multiple hospitalizations?
-Do you have unresolved pain of any kind?
-Do you have wounds or skin problems that do not heal easily?
-Are you having trouble with your hands, feet, hips, shoulders, or knees?
-Are you having challenges with any of your medications or taking them as ordered?
-Have you recently been diagnosed with Diabetes or having trouble with keeping your Diabetes under control?
-Do you experience difficulty breathing when trying to perform usual daily tasks?
-Do you need to see your doctor but have been unable to get to his or her office?