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Holistic care is what we do. We look at you as a whole person, body, mind, and spirit, not just the physical aspects of your care. We respect your autonomy, and would love the chance to serve you and your family with our services. Don’t take our word for it though!

Patient Testimonials:

“Thank you so very much for the kindness you've shown to Mom and me. It has been a great source of comfort… thank you so much for all you've done already.”
~Amy, Traverse City, MI

“I loved seeing the therapists!  They were so sweet, yet motivated me to be better.  I am now able to do things I couldn’t before, in my house and outside.  I was even able to go to my granddaughter’s reception and dance the dance!”
Mary, Grand Rapids, MI

“As my time with InTeliCare is coming to an end, I have been just reflecting on the care I have received from such a terrific group of folks and felt I have to share this with you. First off, you folks have set the bar of caring for folks such as I, way above which I had expected.  You have such knowledgeable folks that carry that excitement over to myself.  You have made me feel like my home is your home and have made me feel so comfortable with you folks here in my home.  You have been so positive to me when I have hit a brick wall sometimes in trying to meet my goals.  You have shown me the way to reaching my goals.  You have come into my home and made my family feel and show them how much they are part in my recovery, saying hello and good-bye to them each and every day.  As they would leave my house, I would see them out on my porch and still with a smile on their face.  This was so important to me seeing that they really and truly enjoy their work. Thank you, Gary, Dawn, Julie, Alyssa and all that have been there to help in my road to recovery.  There are no words that can express what I feel and how happy I have been with my care.  Those that have you now and in the future, are and will be so fortunate and am sure will be very pleased with the care and expertise they will receive.  Again, thank you!”
~Gary, East Tawas, MI 

“I would like to thank Michelle for going above and beyond her job for my family and my mother. Unfortunately, my mother was past the point of needing the services offered by InTeliCare Health Services but Michelle helped my family and I get the answers and proper care for my mother's needs. She came right to the hospital to get answers, answer questions for me and got the process going for the type of treatment my mother would be needing. Again, our family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Very passionate people that care about the needs of others. I would highly recommend this wonderful company to anyone in need of their services!”
~Lori, Standish, MI

“Ruthe has been visiting our memory care home on a regular basis and has introduced to our residents the HolistiCare Aromatherapy program.  The results are astounding! Our programming here focuses on creating quality, enriching activities that create a positive experience for the unique demographic we serve.  Ruthe has enhanced our care tremendously.  The combination of music, aromatherapy, and massage immediately creates an environment that relaxes some of my most “anxious” residents.  Most sit and remain sitting even after the one-to-one attention (which is not the case in most activities) and some even drift off to sleep. I have met with two of my family members and promoted your service based upon the result that this unique program is benefiting our home and the results I have seen with their loved ones. As you are aware, in our industry there is vast competition in the home care service realm.  Ruthe and the other staff have been a delight to have in our home thus far, and the unique approach you have taken with your care puts you apart from the rest.  We currently have one of our twenty residents using your Physical Therapy home care and I anticipate future referrals for other residents    I will continue to invite our families to experience this wonderful aspect of your care with their loved one, and promote your home care. I truly felt you should know the outstanding impression and relationship InTeliCare is building here in Midland!”
~Anonymous, Midland, MI

A few weeks ago, our Physician Assistant from the Augres Medical Clinic and The Saint Joseph Health System sent a new home health care company named InTeliCare out to evaluate my leg wounds along with physical and occupational therapy.  I was a bit apprehensive about a new company, but I trust our PA explicitly and let it be. A real nice RN came to my house and professionally evaluated me and my wounds. I was very impressed with her level of intelligence and her professional mannerism and sensed a true feeling of caring about my condition and what I would need to obtain the lifesaving goals we set that day.  She expertly, carefully, tended to my wounds, while instructing me how to care for them with bandage materials she brought with her. She also ordered supplies that we would need to care for my wounds. A day or so later a physical therapist from InTeliCare came to our home and evaluated me for what muscular strength I had left that my Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy had not yet destroyed. Being in a wheelchair, my athletic abilities are a bit limited to say the least. She was very professional and very intelligently helped me set up not only a diet that will help me lose weight safely while exercising intelligently within the confines of my wheel chair and within the parameters of my muscular dystrophies double edge sword. In my case if I do nothing my LGMD eats at my muscles faster than if I am active. If I am over active or exercise beyond a certain point, my LGMD eats at my muscles faster as well. She helped me recognize those boundaries and designed a physical fitness and dietary program directly pertaining to my personal requirements. She was the first physical therapist I’ve ever had here that I felt really cared and actually inspired me to actually commit to following “our” plan. I whole heartedly recommend this new home care company named InTeliCare to anyone needing such services. I have tried the rest and find them to be the best.  This is a group of professional medical care givers who really care.”
~Joe, Tawas, MI

“To the wonderful staff at InTeliCare- My husband and I are very grateful to your excellent staff for the care he has received since his accident. The nurses and physical therapists that have dealt with him are knowledgeable and thorough, friendly and always on time for appointments. They go over and above what they have to do, including one afternoon when nurse and physical therapist spent several hours with him and on the phone to our doctor during a crisis. InTeliCare is not the first home health care agency we have dealt with but by far the best. Thank you.”
~Harley and Lorre, MI